Our Story

Firstly, thank you for stopping by! You'll Find Me With My Dog was created by myself (Hanna) and my husband, Ian. 

We are a young married couple with international backgrounds who have settled down in Colorado with our 3 adorable (but very cheeky) rescue pups. Mila, Ella and Teddy. 

Having spent some time living in Mexico (Riviera Maya specifically) we became heavily involved with rescuing dogs who where homeless, abused and too often overlooked because of their health and appearance.  

Fast forward a couple of years and the passion and drive behind helping these dogs wherever in the world they may be has not only grown, but taken over! 

This is why You'll Find Me With My Dog was born.

We not only provide our customers (and their pups) with products that feel and look GREAT but 10% of each sale generated is used to support hard-working organisations throughout the country who work day in and day out on some of the most severe dog rescue cases. 

It's these cases we want to contribute towards, and take you along the journey with us. 

Have a look around and enjoy!