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An Introduction to Riviera Rescue

An Introduction to Riviera Rescue

This is the first chosen rescue that we have decided to support with 10% of each sale and oh my, we are passionate about this one!!!
Having lived for a number of years in Riviera Maya Mexico, where this rescue is based, we saw first hand the help Matteo (founder of Riviera Rescue) gives these poor dogs that really have absolutely nothing to live for.
Matteo started the rescue a number of years ago as an independant rescuer. He supported himself and the dogs by selling his beautiful paintings of dogs. Fast forward and the rescue is now a formed Non - Profit Association dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming abused dogs in extreme cases of neglect or disease. 
The team here at Youll Find Me With My Dog will be doing everything in our power to help Riviera Rescue as much as we possibly can over the next couple months and we would love your help! 
With each sale made, 10% will go directly towards helping Matteo and his rescue cases. Matteo takes on some of the toughest cases (please see pictures below) and we want to support him through those. The donations will also go towards improving his land and safety for the dogs - it was only last year a leopard managed to get onto the property and seriously inujure/kill several of the animals which of course, was devestating. 
We have to admit, we were a little worried that launching the business and choosing a rescue to help outside of the USA as our first case would be a little risky as we all like to keep things local right?! But we promise you, this man and this rescue is worth every dollar we send them! You may even see a couple of his dogs find their forever home in Colorado, watch this space - stay tuned for weekly updates on our social media accounts.  You can also follow Riviera Rescue and the work they do at -
Instagram - @rivierarescue 
Facebook - Riviera Rescue AC
Speak Soon!
- Hanna 

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